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After SevenWhen The Rates Are Cheaper
A Collection of Inspirational Stories About Overcoming Adversity With Humor and Faith
by Bea Pedersen

A delightful collection of inspirational stories as seen through the eyes of a young woman who faces adversity with the weapons of determination, endurance, forgiveness, grace, humor, and faith. Follow the author as she relates her stories of growing up in a big, Italian-American, but slightly dysfunctional family in Chicago where she deals with poverty, child abuse, a visual impairment, ignorance, and bliss. Read how she relies on her inner-strength and talent to succeed, singing opera on the stages of Orchestra Hall and the Lyric Opera of Chicago. Laugh alongside her as she traverses the wilds of Big Bend National Park in Texas, the majestic Tower of London, the ornate beauty of Florence, and the devastating poverty of Haiti. Smile as she shares her story of true-love, motherhood, and family pride. A cancer survivor, rejoice with Bea as she endures and triumphs over these and other personal challenges, always relying on her faith and love of God to endure.

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