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Register to see Bea Pedersen, Author of After Seven When the Rates Are Cheaperon Wednesday, June 12, 2024 from 11:30 a..m. to 1:00 p.m., as the Guest Speaker for the Women Optimizing Women Luncheon Presentation:  From Perseverence to Hope - The Art of Storytelling.  Seating for this event is limited. Please register today.

Presentation Take-Aways:  Learn how author, Bea Pedersen, turner unique gift for storytelling into a successful career as a writer and a fundraiser. Listen as she shares her insights on how to use storytelling to uplift, inspire, and engage your audience.

One lucky attendee will win a signed copy of the author's book, After Seven When The Rates Are Cheaper

Watch for New Release
Character of Success

This new and inspiring  book by US Naval Officer Ben Pedersen will teach you how to live the life you know is waiting for you!

The Latest Must Reads

After Seven, When the Rates Are Cheaper by Author, Bea Pedersen

Character of Success

Coming Soon to Amazon!

by Author, Ben Pedersen

Bea Pedersen's Debut Novel

After Seven, When the Rates Are Cheaper

Don't miss this delightbul memoir from author, Bea Pedersen. Learn how she turned adversity into opportunities for the ultimate success in life.

A book of humor and inspiration.

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